Wordpress Website in a Weekend

A website is a crucial component of any business and marketing plan

Social media is great, but you have little control over how other platforms get your message in front of your customers. An algorithm change, new regulations, censorship, or a wholesale shutdown can cut you off from your audience in an instant. You need a digital presence that you own. And it needs to look good.

I will teach you everything you need to know to build a beautiful website from scratch. More specifically, I will teach you how to build a website using Wordpress (for maximum flexibility) and Elementor (for maximum ease). And if you follow along with the lessons and put in the work - we'll get your business website up and running in as little as 2 days!

22 Lessons

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Module 1: Foundations

01: Starting with Goal-Oriented Design

02: Messaging that Matters

Learn how to communicate with customer-centric messaging

03: Building Blocks of a Strong Site

Learn the components of an effective website design

04: Wireframe Your Website

Sketch a quick wireframe of your homepage

05: Module 1 Wrap-up

BONUS: Website Examples

See some examples of good (and not so good) websites.

Module 2: Build Out

01: Wordpress vs. Wordpress

02: Choosing Your Domain

03: Web Hosting Overview

04a: Setting Up WPMU Dev

04b: Setting Up Hostinger

05: Connecting Your Domain to Your Host

06: Getting to Know the Wordpress Interface

07: Configuring WP and Installing Elementor

08: Elementor 101

09: Get a Jumpstart with Templates

10: Custom Templates & Adding New Pages

11: Creating Online Forms

12: Navigation Menus

13: Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

14: Getting Ready for Launch (+ SPECIAL OFFER)